Shatter Bars – You Won’t Believe These Prices

Marijuana Edibles: What you need to Know about Shatter Bars

Euphoria Extractions, the creators of Shatter Bars had a strong belief in mind. That everybody should be entitled to self-healing, spiritual exploration, mind-opening freedom as far as cannabis edibles are concerned. Cannabis products have, since time immemorial, afforded many people that well-deserved happiness as well as medicinal and spiritual fulfillment. Shatter Bars go even a step further by offering the same albeit through delicious edibles.

Shatter Bars come in two forms — cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Like all marijuana edibles, in addition to their delicious taste, they help in getting rid of many medical conditions such as insomnia and anxiety, among others.

Euphoria Extractions, through Shatter Bars, is committed to producing quality and reliable products to give consumers the best ever cannabis edibles experience. Each dosage and portion of Shatter Bars is accurate and precise. Similarly, each recipe undergoes rigorous testing and optimization for texture, taste, and effects to enable you to feel happy and safe regardless of the Shatter Bars cannabis edibles you purchase.

Euphoria Extractions is also known for its delicious pot brownies and weed cookies. Therefore, if you’re interested in the best combination of effect and flavor, Euphoria Extractions has got the best Shatter Bars in the market.

This article looks at some of the most popular Shatter Bars and their benefits, both recreational and medicinal.

The 50-milligram Shatter Bars CBD Weed Cookies

There are two types of weed cookies, namely 50 milligram CBD and 100 milligram THC. The former are delicious and contain that perfect CBD dosage to give you full relief. They are recommended for those suffering from pain, anxiety, arthritis, and insomnia. These Shatter Bars weed cookies will ensure that you get a precise dosage of CBD.

Many who have used them describe them as fantastic as they make them both energetic and happy and have no side effects whatsoever, as is the case with other anxiety medications.

The 100-milligram THC Shatter Bars Weed Cookies

Similarly, the 100 milligram THC weed cookies are recommended for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress. These Shatter Bars weed cookies will help to boost your energy, creativity, and focus. As the name suggests, they come with 100 milligrams THC to help you get rid of all medical conditions and give you that much-needed energy and drive. You’ll love these cookies because the 100 milligrams THC is a perfect cannabis dosage for those stubborn medical conditions. Many users describe the cookie as a delicious, strong cookie.

Shatter Bars Sativa Pot Brownies

Sativa pot brownies come in either 60-milligram THC or 240- milligram THC. Pot brownies are popular cannabis edibles loved by many. Many cannabis users have admitted that they had their first cannabis experience through these brownies.

Shatter Bars has made it possible for both new and confirmed cannabis users to get edibles infused with either 60- or 240 milligrams THC. In these, you’ll have the finest Sativa Shatter Bars pot brownies to make you feel happy and energized.

New cannabis users will particularly love these brownies because they enable them to increase their cannabis dosage while still enjoying their great taste. Many users describe the brownies as a great high and delicious tasting. Although they are tasty, health experts warn against eating them all at once.

Indica Shatter Bars

These bars come with either 250 milligram THC or 500 milligram THC. They’ll enable you to experience the finest laboratory-tested spectrum extracts. They’ve been designed to reach that perfect combination between effects and flavor. You get to choose between green toffee crunch, cookies, and milk chocolate. As you can see, that choice won’t be so easy because they all taste great. But whichever choice you settle for, you’ll get all the benefits of these Indica-infused chocolate bars.

Conditions such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, and stress will certainly be a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll experience peace of mind and improved wellbeing. If you’re health-conscious, you’ll love Indica Shatter Bars because they come in various flavors, including sugar-free and vegan options.

Sativa Shatter Bars

Chocolate is known to improve mood. These cannabis Shatter Bars have the same effect since they’re infused with chocolate. They come in either 250 milligrams or 500 milligrams THC, a perfect dosage to leave you energized, creative, and more focused. Besides, you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits that come with THC. You’ll certainly love these cannabis edibles because they’re available in various flavors, including milk chocolate, sugar-free, vegan, green toffee crunch, and cookies.

Indica Pot Brownies

Indica has, since time immemorial, been known for its amazing effects on the mind and body. Additionally, it helps with various medical conditions such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, and depression, among others. Chocolate is also known to boost the mood and increase overall happiness as it is rich in magnesium.

You can only imagine what a cannabis edible that combines Indica and chocolate can do for you! Besides, you get to enjoy the great taste of its rich flavors. The Indica pot brownie by Shatter Bars is worth giving a try, especially if you’re looking for cannabis that will improve your wellbeing and give you joy. The brownies come in either 60 milligrams- or 240 milligrams THC. Both new users and cannabis enthusiasts can use them. They are also perfect for those keen on changing their cannabis dosage.

Directions for Use

Although tolerance varies, it’s recommended that you eat one square of chocolate and give it two hours to feel the effects before you can consume more. It’s worth noting that this experience can last a couple of hours.


It would be best if you took extra caution when you’re medicating with these products. It would help if you discussed it with your doctor before using THC or CBD. You might even want to consult experts in therapeutic cannabis if you’re using THC or CBD alongside other medications. In addition, most of these products have a shelf life of three to four months when stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct heat or sunlight.