GUMMIEZ Sativa Dominant

GUMMIEZ Sativa Dominant




Gummiez is a new exotic strain that leans towards the Sativa side of the genetic spectrum. Created by crossing Peach Ringz and Jetlatto, it’s an exceptionally tasty flower with deep notes of tropical fruit and a nice earthy kush finish. With a nose of light peaches and citrus, this flower will definitely appeal to your sweet tooth  And due to its elevated THC levels, it’ll get you very high. At first glance, the strain Gummiez  looks white with lots of orange hairs due to the resinous trichome crystals. However, looking closer at the colas, you can find the leaves are a deep mix of light and dark greens hues every once and a while, accented by a dark purple.  The aroma demonstrates how the parents’ complex profiles come together so perfectly to form a rich sweet tropical gassy paradise for your nostrils. I feel like Gelato and Peach Ringz create a tropical foundation that many other scents springboard off, making the strain almost as enjoyable to smell as it is to smoke. Gummiez flower offering a sativa, hybrid experience of the Gummiez strain with 25.06% THC.

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